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Our second housing option is a step-up Cooperative Apartment Program (CAP).  The Veterans in this program have stabilized at the group home over time and have acquired the skills for more independence.  The Cooperative Apartment Program enables HP to provide a unique continuum of care for Veterans not typically found in other programs serving this population.

As Veterans in the Group Home Program are able to manage and control the effects of their disability, without extensive staff assistance, they can graduate from the group home and move next door into the more independent Cooperative Apartment Program.  Staying within the HP system allows them to maintain the support and sense of security that is so critical to their success in being productive members of the community.

The Cooperative Apartment Program consists of three apartments and can house four Veterans.  Veterans in this program have achieved a higher level of functioning and independence.  However, they do continue to receive staff assistance in developing, refining and maintaining skills in the areas of money management, menu planning, grocery shopping, and socialization.  Because taking medication as prescribed is key to success with this population, HP staff continues to supervise medication compliance for the Veterans in the Cooperative Apartment Program, as well.