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It’s amazing how many Americans genuinely want to help Veterans!  People always ask, “How can I help?”  To be perfectly honest, the best way to help Our Veterans is to make a financial donation.

We can apply for grants and we do. However, they are one-time grants and for a specific purpose, usually to make building repairs or safety upgrades.  HP does receive some state funds, but it represents only 31 % of our budget, but we must raise the remaining 69%!

Donors often feel better about giving when they feel their donation goes directly to a veteran.  People often offer to donate gently used clothing, or blankets. However, HP is not a shelter…it is a home.   HP needs funds for all the same mundane, but costly expenses that you do, to keep your home and life operating smoothly.  We need help with groceries, heat, and utilities.

It takes funds to keep the home running for the Veterans and financial donations are the best way you can directly help all our Veterans

Won’t you help us help them, by donating today?  No donation is too small and it’s tax-deductible.  Every dollar helps.  Please give, for those that gave so much for you!


Every donation from $3 to $999 is a valued VIP supporter.  VIP Supporters get the satisfaction of making a direct contribution to lifestyle enhancements that go directly to OUR VETS.  Each VIP Supporter is entitled to a letter of acknowledgment, along with the official Habitat PLUS Seal of Approval for you to proudly display.  More importantly, you will have the heartfelt gratitude of those who served for you.



HP enjoys great community support from local business.  Community Supporters are businesses that show their support for OUR VETS by purchasing ads which are featured on the HP website.  With this level of support donors also receive a copy of our Community Supporter seal and permission to use it in their marketing programs

Additionally, HP publishes a Veteran Resource Guide enabling businesses to reach Veteran families that specifically want to patronize Veteran-owned or pro-Veteran businesses. Each Community Supporter agrees to provide a special price, service or program to attract Veteran customers and their supporters.  There are many other benefits for business owners that our support team can explain to you.  You can promote your business while attracting and supporting Veterans at the same time.

We publish a Veteran Resource Guide where you can reach many local veteran families that specifically support veteran-owned business & local business that actively support OUR VETS. There are many other benefits that our support department can explain to you.  We would love the chance to do something good for your business and at the same time you do something AMAZING for OUR VETS.